Empowering Agents to Write and Retain More Commercial Accounts

We give you, the agent, exclusive value added services to provide to your commercial policyholders that helps them risk less & save more.

Making YOU the obvious choice!


Leverage our services and watch your agency flourish.

Open New Doors

Write More Business

Increase Retention Easily

All of this leads to agency growth at a much faster rate.

Leverage our services and watch your agency flourish.

Free Consults
Workers’ Comp Review
Disaster Recovery
Drug Testing & Background Checks
On-Demand HR Services
Safety Plans
Business Continuity
Compliance Posters
Employee Handbook Reviews
Handbooks & Handbook Builder
Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training
Pandemic Resources


What do your clients get?

Your clients get a portal where they can submit their questions, review past answers, and request other valuable services for their business. We can even brand it to match your agency!

Free expert consulting.
Discounted access to other valuable services.
A private labeled portal to access everything.

Why should you offer BizAssure?

The insurance industry has changed a lot in recent years. Most retail agents have access to the same markets and can quote the same policies and prices. BizAssure’s value added services make it easier to win new business and protect your key accounts.

Stand out from the competition.

Our agency partners don’t get involved in quote wars. BizAssure helps them stand out by offering more than what’s expected so they become the obvious choice in all sales scenarios.

Become your clients’ hero.

Whenever we interact with your clients, we emphasize that you are the reason they’re getting such great services (in fact, we offer a white labeled service). This means you get credit every time. That’s useful when it comes time to re-negotiate or renew contracts.

Don’t do any extra work.

We don’t make your day any more difficult or change how you interact with your clients. In fact, we’re available to explain the value of BizAssure’s services to your clients at any time. You focus on what you do best, and we’ll support you the whole way.

How does this impact your brand?

Branded Services

Some member agents elect to utilize the BizAssure brand. While we do our best to remind the policyholder of your involvement at every step, the connection between your agency and our valuable services is less apparent in this model.

White-Label Services

Other member agents want to include the BizAssure value directly within their brand, as a white labeled solution. We fully support that with all of our documentation, our customer support, and our mobile apps (coming soon!)


Want to learn more on how you can sell more & retain more accounts?

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